Columbus and Moonshine

October 7, 2011

Many will tell you Columbus Day, a celebration of the voyager’s arrival in the Americas, strikes them a bit odd. And I agree!

The man drank Sherry!

But in all honesty, the discovery of the New World is just one more fascinating moment in the history of liquor. While the distillation process was first discovered (or at least documented) in the 12th century, it was the fermentation processes of the Mesoamerican civilizations, pre Columbus, that introduced some of the most popular modern “fermentables”; cactus and corn to name a few. Funny to think how Christopher Columbus and a product with such modern American history like moonshine are more than a little connected…

So for those who are looking forward to a three-day weekend, and for those who unfortunately can not, raise a glass, and celebrate Columbus Day for the good of the Nobler Experiment!

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