Clear and Sunny

October 17, 2011

While my affinity for barrel aged liquors made its first appearance on the Nobler this past week, I found myself reaching for one of my new clear favorites on the weekend…Cachaça.

This Brazilian spirit distilled from sugarcane juice is often compared to rum, however, the similarities are not 100% justified. In my mind, most commercial “clear” rums can be cloyingly sweet. But the Cachaça has a subtlety that makes it perfect in liquor centric cocktails. The caipirinhia for example, is nothing more than lime, Cachaça and some sort of sugar. But when made well, they go down dangerously smooth.

This Cachaça based cocktail was inspired by the Dark and Stormy. Rum mixed with ginger beer is surprisingly refreshing. But the mood just wasn’t quite right. My “Clear and Sunny”, combines the brightness of citrus, the bite from a ginger ale, and the sweetness of the Cachaça for the ultimate burst of flavor. The key to this one is the use of the citrus zest…enjoy!

Clear and Sunny:

2 oz lime and grapefruit juice mixed

½ tbsp citrus zest

2 oz Cachaça

2 oz ginger ale (ginger beer if you want more of a bite)

Zest both the citrus fruit prior to juicing. Juice one lime and one grapefruit and mix together. In a cocktail shaker add the Cachaça, the measured zest and juice and shake well. Pour over ice and top with the ginger ale. Garnish with a lime and drink carefully…these go down quite easily.




  1. leblon.com. get it right, son.

  2. […] requesting this delicious concoction. Instead, there is a right time and a right place. Unlike my “clear and sunny” that has an overall pleasant demeanor, the Dark and Stormy has a bit of an attitude. I prefer mine […]

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