Either you are…

October 18, 2011

…Or you aren’t.

A few months back, a colleague of mine handed off a case full of liquor. Much of his collection had been collecting dust, and I’ve never been known to turn down a bottle….or in this case 12. Even more interesting, the case was packed with liquor I probably would never think to buy. A few rare rums and even my new favorite bourbon shared the case with that Cachaça and a few other clear liquors. But it was this bottle of barrel aged tequila, Jose Cuervo Black that caused the most intrigue. A tequila for a whiskey drinker? A whiskey for a tequila drinker?

Either way, there it sat in my liquor cabinet until last night. My interest was sufficiently sparked but after a stiff pour and a few tastes, those same questions remained. Not that the stuff is terrible…it just isn’t special. It certainly held true to it’s description; the barrel aging comes off rather quickly, but the aftertaste is all tequila. Unfortunately for Cuervo Black, it’s missing the depth a good whiskey brings to the table and missing the refreshing blast a good tequila offers. I think Cuervo Black needs to look itself in the mirror.

Or maybe I’m nuts…any Cuervo Black lovers out there?


One comment

  1. […] comes in large part from the barrel aging process which we’ve been over before (here and here). But “white whiskey” or “moonshine” or “white lightning” […]

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