Anyone Need a Halloween Costume?

October 20, 2011

Has anyone had the opportunity to watch Ken Burn’s PBS documentary on Prohibition? I made my way through the 6 hour documentary on a recent rainy day and found it quite easy to become fascinated. The historical context leading to the 18th amendment is filled with passion and characters. But maybe none more intriguing than Carrie Nation.

Carrie’s aversion to alcohol was more than a little personal as her first husband may have enjoyed a drink or two, way too often. When she ended up in Kansas, a state struggling to enforce their pre-prohibition ban on liquor, with her second husband, she began a local chapter of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. But like so many social advocates, Carrie became frustrated with her lack of impact. Rather than bottling that frustration Carrie found a release, one she claimed was a call from God.

Carrie is now infamous for her hatchet wielding attacks on saloon’s and alcohol serving establishments throughout Kansas. And yes, I did say hatchet. And despite being arrest over 30 times, Carrie became feared for her bar smashing antics. Pretty bad ass right?

Carrie’s role in this fascinating time in American history is interesting to say the least and it’s kind of ironic I find myself loving her story. Something tells me she wouldn’t be too thrilled with my drinking habits…


One comment

  1. Totally watched and totally loved the special. Carrie is indeed a bad ass. Cheers to her!

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