The First Nobler Gathering

October 28, 2011

Last night marked the first ever Nobler Gathering with Bourbon acting as our guide to what can now be dubbed the official start to something special. Bourbon Garys kicked off the night paired with sharp cheddar both highlighting and complimenting the classic Jim Beam. But it was the bacon infused Evan Williams that really got the night going.

The bacon infusion was subtle but extremely enjoyable. The delicate smokiness that the bacon brings pairs fantastically with the sweetness of the bourbon. Pairing the corn distilled bourbon with popcorn sounds simple enough but it was the soppressata powder that took it to another level. You can take a look at the general concept here, but it was the unintended consequences that got the most excitement. As the fat in the sliced meat rendered, a wonderful crispiness ensued and behold…meat chips!

The Gathering capped off with a few fingers of Bulleit, like any good gathering should…


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