When Words are Not Enough

October 31, 2011

While almost all bars have access to the same set of ingredients, cocktail lists more often than not over-promise and under-deliver. Yet, I continue to find myself enamored by 4 to 6 word descriptions that find a sweet spot in my liquor loving mind. For example, this “Sweet Redemption” at the Silverleaf Tavern…

Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Honey Syrup, Ginger, and Mint

While high quality and complimentary ingredients are a good starting point, a cocktail falls flat without proper execution. In this case, the drink was cloyingly sweet overriding the subtleties of the Woodford Reserve. Even more disappointing was the ginger. The bite that fresh ginger can infuse would have balanced some of that sweetness. But cutting a coin sized nob and dropping it in before serving is not how you extract its flavor. Without grating or even better, creating a simple syrup with the ginger, the flavor gets lost completely.

How often does this happen to you when you are out? Probably more than it should, huh?


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