The Wednesday

November 4, 2011

As it’s nickname would suggest, Wednesday signifies that the hard part is over or more importantly that it’s all down hill from there…

This notion clearly impacted my most recent cocktail. For starters, my typical rapid fire brain storm of ideas was a bit sluggish. As if I had a few impaired synapses, a great multilayered drink was not to be. However, as I stumbled into the liquor cabinet my bottle of lemon bitters caught my eye. And it just so happened to be resting up against some Bulleit…

With an orange wedge and a dash of lemon bitters as the ice slowly melted into the bourbon, this drink truly was perfect for a Wednesday; all down hill from there…

So what’s with bitters? Growing up I became aware of the famous Angostura Bitters because actually its great for digestion. But bitters, or herbal essence infused alcohols are making a huge dent in the cocktail world these days. Celery bitters, lemon bitters, and the more standard aromatic bitters are readily available and are perfect for imparting a subtlety to mixed drinks. The slight bitterness helps balance sweetness and acidity. Now, it’s easy to go overboard with bitters and regret it rather quickly but only you can tell how much of the stuff you like. Either way, go pick up a bottle or two and start practicing..its just one more excuse for a drink!

The Wednesday:

3 oz bourbon (I prefer Bulleit)

1 large orange wedge

1 dash of lemon bitters

Pour bourbon over ice in a rocks glass. Add a dash of bitters and a squeeze of the orange wedge. Simple as that!


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