Gift Guide for the Whiskey Lover

November 16, 2011

It may not be Thanksgiving yet, but it is never too early to begin thinking about gift giving. And for the whiskey lover in your life, it always helps to have a few unique items on the list…

I spoke a bit on Monday about the proper glassware for cocktails. Maybe more so than others, I’ve become a big believer in the significance of the glass I drink from. Many blogs will tell you the most proper whiskey glass is the Glencairn, but I think there is more to the story than just proper drinkability. You can find some pretty interesting stuff at thrift stores and even online. The point here is, the glass is almost as important as the whiskey itself. It should be personal. No pressure…

As for other ideas, Jim Murray’s annual Whiskey Bible is supposed to be pretty fantastic. I’ll admit I have never read through one, but the reviews and online chatter suggest that this is a must own for any whiskey fanatic. One of my favorite parts of the bible is how compact it is. While it’s great to get large coffee table (or in our case, liquor table) books, they tend to get one or two pass throughs. This almost pocket-sized guide feels like it would be referenced quite a bit. Maybe if I was good, I’ll find this sucker in my stocking this year…

“But what about the booze?”, you’re probably asking? Well that’s easy…

To me, there isn’t a better bottle for the money right now than the Bulleit Bourbon or Rye. But I have to slightly disagree with Refinery29’s ultimate gift guide …. while the Bourbon is amazing, I believe the Rye is the better Holiday gift. As I’ve mentioned previously, Rye is a classic american whiskey and is making a serious comeback in ways of popularity. But either way you can’t go wrong; I just love the looks of those bottles. This one definitely won’t end up tucked away in the liquor cabinet!

For a little more indulgence, the Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey is the real deal. A founding member of the Nobler received this as a gift a few years back and we (of course I found a way to have some) nursed that bottle to the last drop. I haven’t talked much about Irish Whiskey’s on the Nobler to date, but that’s not because I don’t love them. And trust me, this isn’t your standard bottle of Jameson.

This list is by no means exhaustive but its a damn good pre-turkey start…more to come soon…



  1. This is great info, Ricky. There are so many varieties of whiskey out there that it becomes overwhelming to choose the right one. This helps. Thanks again!

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