When it Rains, We Pour

November 23, 2011

Last night we gathered for the second time to enjoy one of the American classics. Rye as I have mentioned previously is in the midst of quite the revival having been widely forgotten after prohibition. And the Noblers are happy to do their part…

We started the night off with a true Old Fashioned. While most bars use bourbon for this iconic cocktail, Rye is said to be more original. Either way, the Old Fashioned is a perfectly balanced drink. We followed up with a simple and pure whiskey sour, relying on fresh lemon for the tangy punch. But the highlight for me was a few fingers of Bulleit’s Straight Rye. As we all agreed, this is not a whiskey for the tame…

And because I can’t help myself from putting together a little food for the Noblers, we had a few batches of these “reuben nachos”. Rye toast topped with corned beef, sauerkraut and a homemade pickle russian dressing smothered in shredded gruyere was not only a nice nod to the liquor of the evening, but damn delicious as well.


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