Santa Deserves More

December 22, 2011

Just a few days away from my favorite 48 hours of the year…

Christmas Eve and Christmas are admittedly on the new side in my life (Thank you, Gordons!). But that being said, all of you Scrooges out there need a cocktail. I’ve been hearing way too much of you these days and it’s enough already. And speaking of cocktails…I’ve always thought it’s kind of messed up that Santa, for all his troubles, gets left milk and cookies. When’s the last time you came home from a long day of work craving an oatmeal raisin and some 2%. So this year, give Santa what he deserves…

I found this bourbon shortbread (two of my favorite things combined) recipe on the “Eat Like a Man” Esquire blog. Seems only fitting. But because the bourbon here only really imparts some flavor to these sweets, leave the man a little hot tea, spiked with a little whiskey to wash them down. After all, he’s got 9 designated drivers to take care of him the rest of the way!

Check back on Saturday for my perfect Christmas cocktail I’m working on over at the Juice Bar and don’t forget to bake these cookies!



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