The Year of the Ice

December 28, 2011

Ice is no longer just a means to an end. Because with all of the enthusiasm around good drinking, ice is now being considered just as important as the booze. Which is why I was excited to see a few new ice related items in my gift haul this year. The perfect ice spheres (not so perfect in this picture) look amazing in full out cocktails. We had a few this weekend and the iceberg like quality is pretty fantastic. And because of the compact nature of the ice, it doesn’t melt so quickly diluting your drink. As for the squares, a cocktail is also an option but a good and solid bourbon would be perfect here. The ice will slowly melt, mellowing out that whiskey for the perfect sip.

But the highlight of the haul has to be these whiskey stones. Admittedly, I have not used them yet but that’s going to change real shortly. The concept is simple. Throwing these soapstone cubes into your drink (out of the freezer or course) chills down your whiskey without any of the previous mentioned “mellowing”. So, these aren’t for your $12 bottle. These are for the whiskey that needs nothing more than a slight chill. And hopefully if you were as lucky as I am, you have a few of these bottles waiting for you now.


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