The Nobler Goes Irish

December 30, 2011

After celebrating the classic American whiskeys in the first two Nobler Gatherings, it was time for a trip overseas. For the Third Gathering, it was all about Irish Whiskey and with the Holiday spirit in the air, the group decided to splurge a bit. After starting off the night with a little Irish coffee, it was time to break into the Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey. Midleton is a relatively young addition to the Irish Whiskey varieties but it’s creation to celebrate the whiskey’s produced in Midleton can be tasted with every glorious sip.

Midleton is a blend of hand-picked Irish whiskeys produced in limited quantities (50 casks a year) after at least a 12 year aging in used bourbon or sherry barrels. The result is absurdly smooth and simply delicious. The flavor lingers making for a truly tremendous tasting experience. Nobler approved!’

But as usual, with the prospect of empty bottles looming, the Noblers must be fed. This rich red wine braised shepherd’s pie with blue cheese studded mashed potatoes was a fantastic pairing to the Midleton. Another perfect Gathering!

So with our quick stop in Ireland rounding out 2011 for the Noblers, let me be one of the first to wish you all a Happy New Year! Drink well!

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