The Most Interesting Production in the World

January 4, 2012

Picture taken from Michael Langhoff Photography

Liquor branding has taken on a whole new life recently, and it’s hard not to notice. Maybe the most interesting man in the world kicked some marketers in the ass, but some of the more recent campaigns for Jameson, Johnnie Walker, and others must have P Diddy chugging Ciroc (ultra premium vodka) in shame. But then comes along branding that requires no heroic stories of the original distiller or a modern-day celebrity. Because when you have a 19 week voyage at sea as part of your production process, you are pretty much golden.

First and foremost, if you don’t know much about aquavit or akvavit, you’ll be seeing it a bunch more this coming year. This Scandinavian liquor is sort of the more bad ass version of gin. Mostly distilled from grains or potatoes (much like vodka), aquavit is flavored with herbs and spices with caraway being one of the more common choices. The first time I had it, it was a bit of shocker. It’s awfully flavorful, and unique to say the least. I tried a bunch of cocktails at Vandaag, a Scandinavian spot in the East Village and while I’ve haven’t dabbled too much with aquavit on my own, it’s on my list for sure. It’s complex and delicious. But we can chat more about aquavit at a future gathering…

As for Linie…it is a Norwegian aquavit and it’s amber hue and rich flavor come from the sherry cask aging process. But unlike most distilleries, these guys send their casks on a four-month journey across the sea where the sloshing of the spirit and the natural swelling and contracting of the wood under the extreme conditions imparts some serious character. Take that John Jameson. Pretty damn bad ass for some booze!


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  1. […] was just after our Irish Whiskey tasting that I posted about, in all of its production glory, Linie Aquavit. It was an early topic at the next Nobler Gathering which is why I felt it was the perfect […]

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