Nobler Reviews: The Wayland

January 17, 2012

Applewood smoked moonshine at The Wayland

Saturday night, while the Tim Tebow saga was abruptly coming to an end, we made our way over to the brand new, The Wayland down in Alphabet City for the prospect of applewood smoked moonshine and a kale and ginger margarita. You can see how I was intrigued, particularly because the location of The Wayland would imply an atmosphere more suited for the Nobler Experiment compared to some of the “go-to” and “must be seen at” cocktail establishments of the city. In large part, I think The Wayland hits the mark. While it was quite crowded, we still managed to find a spot to sidle up against the bar for a few drinks which were both unique and flavorful. Cash only makes for a potential calamity when it is as cold as it was and they unfortunately ran out of their “moonshine” which was disappointing. But from what I hear, their “moonshine” takes its cues from the traditional “apple pie” style in which corn liquor is cut with apple juice and cinnamon sticks leaving you with a potent yet flavorful concoction. Except at The Wayland, they take it one step further. By smoking some applewood over top of the cocktail and topping it all with a tumbler, the aroma becomes a major part of the experience. At least that’s what they are shooting for. As I mentioned, they ran out, so next time!

As for the other drinks, the menu is set up by liquor type. Rum, bourbon, gin, and tequila were available in distinct cocktails which I can only assume varies over time. My bourbon drink  incorporated an old school method of incorporating an egg white. Much like some of the old fashion fountain drinks, the egg white added some richness to an otherwise simple cocktail. It was good, but felt like it was missing something. As for the other three we tried, the tequila cocktail (kale and ginger margarita) was by far the most interesting. Much like I do with the Juice Bar Blends, the point of this drink was a clear focus on the namesake ingredients. The flavors were strong and the drink was delicious. Not sure how many of these you could drink in a row before feeling a bit overly “vegetated”, but it was unique and for sure worth a try.

I’m really excited to head back on a weeknight where I plan on trying  a few of their other drinks (which I assume vary from night to night like I mentioned…does anyone know for sure if this happens?). I’m also seriously intrigued by their food menu. Small plates of seemingly everything I would want to eat. Braised meats, smoked trout, oysters and charcuterie plates. Are you serious? Did they make this place for me? The spot has a real southern vibe to it, and was rocking some fantastic music. Looking forward to another trip to The Wayland.

The Wayland, 700 E 9th st (Ave C), Manhattan NY




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