Prohibition Returns!

January 19, 2012

Imagine that buried deep within the SOPA and PIPA legislation there lied an even scarier decision to bring back Prohibition. You now have 24 hours to stock up because as of 12:01 am, the purchase of alcoholic beverages will be 100% illegal. If you are like me, you probably panic. Then fall into a brief depression, finally followed up by a clarity that only chaos can create. The catch of course, is that anything you have on hand prior to Midnight is completely and utterly legal to enjoy…so here’s the question…

What do you buy?

For me, the answer is actually really easy. I would fill my tiny living room from bottom to top with red wine. Most of it decent tucked away with a few gems. The stacking of these bottles would then create a wonderful suspense. Like a gripping novel, I’d make my way through the wine, line by line until it was all gone. By then, I would hope cooler minds would prevail (once again) and modern-day Prohibition would be overturned. If not, I would have finally made it to the window…

But no one said I could only choose one vice (I am making this up after all). So after I was done stocking up on all that red wine, I’d make my way to every liquor store in the area picking up as many unique bottles of American Whiskey I could get my hands on. Glass by glass, I’d sip smirking in irony at the wasted talent of our booming distilleries!

So what about you guys? Choose your booze…wisely…and leave a comment below. Long live the Nobler Experiment!


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