Basil Hayden’s – A Meal Time Bourbon

January 23, 2012

It’s a pretty fantastic time to be a whiskey drinker. And maybe even more so for us American Whiskey lovers. Lists like the one above from Brooklyn Bowl, are becoming quite the norm, featuring almost 20 Bourbons and Ryes as just a part of their liquor section. Even the mere fact that there is a liquor section, and not just a list of a few cloying cocktails tells you all you need to know. And the beauty of course lies in the variety. After all, it’s pretty tough to rationalize the purchase of 10 or so bottles of Bourbon for your home, simply to find your favorite.

Speaking of favorites, Basil Hayden’s now got my attention. I shouldn’t be surprised as most of the Bourbon drinkers I know love the stuff. But for whatever reason, I’ve always missed out on ordering it. That was until Friday when I paired my first glass with some Brooklyn Bowl Fried Chicken. There are two characteristics of the Basil Hayden that really hit home for me. First, it’s one of the lighter small batch Bourbons out there sitting right at 80 proof making for a particularly smooth finish. The subtle sweetness of the bourbon is highlighted by a slightly higher than usual rye concentration in the mash which adds some real awesome complexity. The funny thing is I couldn’t think of anything better to pair with the Hayden then the fried chicken. The salty richness had me going back and forth from whiskey to chicken just like a wine lover would with a glass of cab and a filet…Yeah, I agree the whiskey, fried chicken combo sounds much more appealing huh. But seriously, I think the Basil Hayden is perfect for a meal both in flavor and in intensity.

Anyone else a fan of the Basil Hayden?




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