It’s Always a Good Time to Gift

January 27, 2012

It may be a little early for another Holiday Gift Guide but after a fellow Nobler shared the link to The Whiskey Blender with me, I thought it was only fair to share with all of you…

First off, their concept and design really tugs at my heart-strings. Anytime “enter the lab” is the first part of  a whiskey related exercise, you’ve got me intrigued. But it’s not just gimmicky. At least not that I can see from their site. They offer 7 unique whiskies to be blended down to the mL quantity and even offer a little education to make sure you don’t go into the process blind. As you can see from the picture each blend you choose comes with your very own label marked with the title of your choice and the date and person who bottled it. If I had one complaint from first glance, I’d say I wish they had more than one bottle type, but that being said, that’s a damn nice looking bottle!

I’m wildly intrigued by the Whiskey Blender. Any of you out there give this a shot yet?


One comment

  1. […] in the month and we finally were able to make it down to celebrate. I had considered using the Whisky Blender site I posted about not too long ago but I wasn’t too sure of the timing and plus, I sort of […]

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