Never met a bourbon I didn’t like…

January 31, 2012

Until now: For the first time in my whiskey loving life, I found a bourbon that just isn’t for me…

Booker’s is another member of the “Small Batch” grouping of bourbons distributed by Jim Beam and just like the Basil Hayden’s, the Knob Creek, and the Baker’s, the Booker’s is meant to offer unique and distinguishable characteristics separating the brands from the masses. And I’m all for that notion. But to me, the Booker’s misses the mark. It was a bit abrasive on first sip and there was almost an acidity to the overall flavor profile. At the time I hadn’t known much about the Booker’s but after a little research the flavor profile started to make some sense.

Booker’s is said to be one of the only uncut and unfiltered bourbons bottled right from the barrel between 121-127 proof; talk about packing a punch! It’s clear that intensity is part of the equation in flavor and in effect. Because even after a little melted ice, the flavors at the forefront were of the oaky tannins more so than the richness I prefer. But honestly, it was kind of refreshing to find a bourbon that really didn’t do it for me. Maybe I’m not just a lush after all!

But what about you? Anyone out there a fan of Booker’s?


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