Run In Peace, Odie

February 8, 2012

As I was growing up, our family had one of the greatest dogs ever to live. Brisby, was part mutt, part human and her life was filled with joy. She loved cheez-its, but only tolerated me. And I never really blamed her. She was a veteran member of the family, and I was the newbie. My unflappable excitement for her eventually won her over, but to be honest, I was still too young when she enjoyed her last box of those delicious cheez-its. Which is why, despite the time it took to recover from her passing, I was 100% on board for the arrival of our new puppy.

Odie, a Jack Russel, with a funny twist in her ear (just like me), was a friend like no other. From the day she came home as tiny as the tennis balls she grew to love chasing, to her last days as a loyal Mama’s girl, Odie loved nothing more than to sidle up real close and spend the day at your side. I will always love thinking back to the days we spent rollerblading (me, not her) as she sprinted up and down the streets as if we were training for a competition. Or the days she chased us around in the yard, playing catch with anything and everything, until we would finally force inside for a rest; otherwise she would have gone on forever.

Later in life, her love for coziness became borderline hysterical. We would find her casually resting in the basket of laundry or tucked deep within the covers of our beds, but without question her favorite spot to lay was anywhere on top of us. Only Odie could fall asleep half standing up, half leaning on my Mom’s lap.

Odie leaves behind a family that she helped bring back to life after Brisby was gone and her slightly younger brother Einstein. He’s always had a funny way of showing his love towards his older Sister (mainly being a giant pain in the ass), but I know just like the rest of us, he will miss her!

You may think it’s silly that one of my first inclinations was to name a drink after her but one of my favorite Odie memories includes a glass of red wine and what I can only imagine was the greatest dog nap of all times. I think she would have loved this mix of chamomile, cointreau, and calvados (apple brandy) for these cold days. A mug of this and a lap to lay on would have been all she needed.

The Odie:

6 oz chamomile tea

1/2 oz cointreau

1 1/2 oz calvados



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