A Contemplative Pairing

February 16, 2012

A few weeks back I spoke of the somewhat glorious combination of fried chicken and Basil Hayden’s. Since then, I’ve been putting quite a bit of thought into the notion of meal time liquors and nothing seems to be more conducive to a perfect pairing then a good bourbon. The delicate sweetness and strength of the bourbon lends itself to heartier meals of comfort and flavor. Take for example this duo of corn, my not so subtle attempt at humor:

I seriously dialed in the corn in my chowder to play off the bourbon by blending a small portion of yogurt with an entire bag of frozen corn and honey to act as my “cream”. The richness and soulfulness of the chowder was tempered and complimented by my consistent favorite, a few fingers of the Bulleit. But as I enjoyed the pairing, an unintended and welcomed consequence also came to light. Rather than charging through the meal as I too often find myself doing, sipping on a glass of bourbon had me throwing on the brakes as I enjoyed the night spoon by spoon, sip by sip. It was a contemplative meal, like all good meals should be.

So what about you guys? Any other liquor and food pairings I should be trying?



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