The Original Wheated Bourbon

February 21, 2012

When a new friend of the Nobler suggested I try the W.L. Weller, it didn’t take much convincing. For one, he told me how at $16.99 a bottle (at least at Warehouse Wine and Liquors), it was one of the best values he had ever had. But more importantly, the dude’s from Alabama…

Seriously though, the Weller is pretty damn good. It’s origin and subsequent uniqueness comes from the “flavor grains’ used in the bourbon making process. Traditionally, bourbon, a majority corn based liquor contains some small percentage of rye to help flavor the mash and the final product. William Larue Weller, the company’s namesake, is said to have been the first to break from that tradition, in 1849 when he used wheat in place of the rye. The effect is a smoother, more rounded flavor profile which is now a distinct characteristic of this and other “wheated bourbons”.

I think it’s silly not to own a bottle of this W.L. Weller. It’s perfect for some easy drinking. But I have to admit I found myself missing the complexity of the Rye. Either way, I’m glad to have added the Weller to my overflowing collection…

I’m gonna need to have more gatherings!


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