Thirty Years Aged

February 27, 2012

I was hoping to follow-up the “future of American whiskey” discussion with a little more love for the blends but I had to wait until today as to not spoil the surprise…

My brother Steve turned 30 earlier in the month and we finally were able to make it down to celebrate. I had considered using the Whisky Blender site I posted about not too long ago but I wasn’t too sure of the timing and plus, I sort of liked the notion of really knowing and tasting what I was blending. By creating my own blend of commercially availableĀ  single malts, I was able to create a really smooth and delicious blended scotch that I hope he will enjoy for a long time.

This may sound a little silly, or even worse, a little like a Tupperware party, but I’m thinking this could be a fun Nobler activity. Everyone brings a bottle of single malt and with a few graduated cylinders and some mason jars, you could quickly see how blended scotch night could become a huge drunken hit. But as simple as I making this sound, the activity also enlightens you a bit about how great some of the “master-blenders” are. To consistently create masterful combinations of whiskeys that succeed on all fronts is no easy task. And one that can only be appreciated that much more when you give it a shot on your own.

This weekend also saw another batch of home-brew get kicked off. This time, a slightly smaller batch with Steve that should be ready in a few weeks. Between blending, brewing, and drinking I’m developing quite a few partners in crime. Even my little niece got in on the action!

Happy (belated) Birthday Steve!




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  1. […] of a second large batch of Cow Thieves Ale (with some exciting changes), and having worked on my own blended scotch for Steve, it’s exciting to know that my enthusiasm for the “homemade” stems completely […]

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