We’re not all drinking…

March 26, 2012

When the Noble Experiment was officially deemed a failure, and the Prohibition ban on drinking was lifted in 1933, America was free to booze again. However, maybe not the extent that I had originally believed. As seen above in the pretty picture taken from this io9 article, there is still a good portion of the country limiting or completely prohibiting the sale of alcohol.

Thinking back, I guess this isn’t that foreign to me after all. Growing up taking summer trips to Ocean City, NJ it never registered to me completely, but even back then I remember hearing the words “dry town”. The irony of course, is that just before the bridge leading you in to this moral haven lies one of the biggest liquor stores I’ve ever seen. And yes, we weren’t the only ones that stopped there.

But as the io9 article points out, and as the Ocean City example further supports, it may be simple economics that finally breaks the ban’s supporters. As the economy has taken a toll on just about everyone (bet you didn’t think you’d get some economy talk on the Nobler!), towns that have for seemingly ever kept alcohol out, are being forced to at least consider changing their ‘tude. It is simple. The sale of alcohol, even if it is just at restaurants, directly impacts the economic success of towns and cities alike. If you can get a cold beer with your burger just a mile or so away, what’s gonna stop you? A devout loyalty to your community? Maybe for some, but obviously not for the majority.

Considering how much of the country is still on at least some degree of liquor lock down, who knows if we’ll ever be completely united in our post Prohibition ways. But I’ll gladly volunteer myself as moderator for the next town hall discussion on the matter. I’ll even bring the whiskey! You hear that community leaders…you know where to find me!




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