“The Belly of an Alligator” and My Geeky Video Debut

March 29, 2012

One of the driving forces behind my love for whiskey is the geeky science behind it all. Almost 6 years ago now, my boss (at the time) and I, had the opportunity to set up a distillation demonstration for Science Friday. In preparation we fermented fresh squeezed cherry juice into essentially a cherry wine which we would then distill into a cherry flavored liquor. As you can see, the process, particularly at that scale is pretty damn simple. But we weren’t producing 72,000 bottles in one day…although maybe it’s time to give Kent a call and see if he’s interested in re-starting the still!

The great thing about the resurgence of American Whiskey is the amount of really amazing press that comes with it. Take this Maker’s Mark Distillery Tour from Business Insider for example. Rather than re-hashing the details here, go take a look at this amazing photo gallery. The quantity and execution are unbelievable!

My favorite shot is that of the wood barrels (seen above). As I’ve mentioned before, the charring of the barrels is one of the major distinctions in the bourbon aging process. That “caramelization” of the wood produces that ridiculously delicious exchange of flavor and sweetness Bourbon drinkers thrive on.


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