Happy New Beers Eve!

April 6, 2012

In December of 1933, the 21st amendment was ratified, officially repealing the ban on alcohol. But the beer lovers had a bit of a head start!

April 7th of the same year marked the re-legalization of the sale of beer producing lines at all the local taverns and pubs. I have a pretty strong deterrence to any bar that makes me wait in line these days, but that is a line I would have loved to experience. The energy must have been intoxicating! In fact probably much more than the beer itself.

Unfortunately, the alcohol content of the beer for sale had to remain under 4% alcohol by volume. For context, PBR is listed as 4.74 % ABV. And how many PBRs can you drink? But maybe it was for the best. Probably a good thing to ease back into it!

It’s been almost 80 years since that fateful day, so be sure to celebrate! And get started tonight. There may not be a giant ball dropping in times square, but I’ll be sure to cheers at midnight. Happy New Beers Eve!


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