NYC Banning Happy Hour?

May 1, 2012

By now, you’ve probably heard of the grumblings started by the NY Post regarding a potential ban of “Happy Hour” in New York City. I had planned on writing up my response, which unless this is your first time at the Nobler Experiment, you know would have been obviously emotional. The argument carved out by those against a Happy Hour relate back to over-indulgence and an abuse of substances. But that’s pretty absurd if you ask me. I have a seriously hard time buying that saving up to a few dollars a drink is causing normal, responsible humans to turn into zombie alcoholics. Happy Hour acts as an invitation to the local community. The return on this invitation occurs in two forms. (1), most groups find a happy hour spot or two that they call their own. There is a commitment to this bar and a commitment to the staff that serve up those delicious and slightly more affordable drinks. Which almost always leads into (2), a few extra dollars in “tip” for those servers. The net financials of Happy Hour rarely leave me staring in my wallet with the thought “I saved so much money! I should get more drunk!”. 

But before I could really get going on the aforementioned response, luckily it’s been reported over and over again that these claims by the Post are more or less fabricated; or at the very least, wildly exaggerated. Which is probably a damn good thing. Because considering drinks in this city are already mostly crazily priced, the city would be dealing with raging lunatics instead of those “alcoholics” if they indeed decided to ban Happy Hour. But this whole situation brought out something fairly disturbing. NY would have been the 20th state to ban happy hours making our beloved nation 2/5ths crazy.

Maybe I’m missing something. And if I am, someone please chime in and explain this to me. Massachusetts was the first? Boston doesn’t have happy hour? Is this possible….


One comment

  1. WHAT!? Ricky this is the first I’m hearing of this. Is some sort of sick belated april fools?

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