I’ll Have Another…Losing Bet

May 7, 2012

I’d like to formally apologize to the owning group of Daddy Long Legs for publicly endorsing their wonderful horse at this year’s Kentucky Derby. Considering I haven’t won anything since a ten-dollar scratch off at age 12, full blame falls on me for Daddy Long Leg’s last place finish. Actually, it’s probably my fault that the ten of us at our Derby party, who had money on 11/20 horses didn’t win a dime. The only reason these people invite me places is because I make them drinks and feed them…

Speaking of that, I once again dare you to not like the basil julep. I made an extra batch of the basil syrup this time around to have in my fridge at all times, but I had another million of these on Derby day. So refreshing that even the so-called bourbon haters enjoyed a glass. But we didn’t stop there; a big jug of Bobby’s ridiculous margaritas (seriously my favorite of all time), a blackberry and tea concoction for mixing with vodka, and a few Cow Thieves in the mix, and it was pretty easy to forget about our terrible luck.

Unfortunately I forgot to snap a few photos of the amazing food but we were too busy devouring the sticky ribs, the tequila shrimp, the southern slaw and potato salad, and the chocolate bread pudding for me to grab my phone. Another successful Derby in the books! On to the Preakness!


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