Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

May 16, 2012

(Picture from Macheesmo)

For some reason people still argue with me when I tell them, Bourbon is my favorite food. Who say’s a glass or two of bourbon can’t be a nutritious meal? But at least for now, I’m willing to compromise and say that, Bourbon at the very least is a fantastic addition to some of your favorite recipes!

I came across this article on my morning commute and it got me thinking about some of the great summer dishes that booze can be a delicious part of. Another one of my favorite blogs, Macheesmo, has had me intrigued to try this bourbon cured salmon for some time. I keep forgetting to give it a go, but I think this warm weather is the perfect excuse. Sunday Brunch anybody?

What are your favorite booze infused foods?


One comment

  1. Agreed! While bourbon may not be my favorite food, I do think there is a lot we can do to add spirits in our cooking. A little brandy in a pot of French lentils is great. I just used some mushroom vodka in a cream sauce, but probably my favorite was using bourbon and brandy soaked prunes in the best jam I have ever had. I saw a recipe for bourbon syrup I which you reduce some bourbon with sugar. Now you can enjoy it on pancakes! I haven’t tried it yet but really want to.

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