My New Arch Enemy

June 4, 2012

You’ll remember back before the weekend I promised a little chat regarding the pending changes being made to the DSM standards for classifying addiction. But after such an awesome weekend, basically owning all of Sea Cliff Garage sale day and celebrating with some seriously strong margaritas, I decided that this topic is a bit too serious for us all on this rainy Monday morning. Instead, I’d like to turn your attention to my new arch-enemy:

The Old Man Guavaberry branding is spot on. Because after every failed cocktail I worked on, all I could imagine was that old man, smiling ear to ear, laughing in my face. The back story here is that my Mom, in her loving, supportive motherly way, brought me back a bottle of this stuff from a Caribbean vacation some time ago. I don’t blame her. She knows I like booze, and this is indeed booze by definition. But the stuff is god awful. So in the spirit of the garage sale, I decided to make a signature cocktail based off ingredients I was looking to get rid of. Things didn’t go so well…

The Guavaberry liqueur is caught somewhere between cloyingly sweet and devastatingly artificial; the result is medicinal. But I’ve worked around these types of ingredients before. In fact, the cure to this type of issue is almost always acid. The brightness and acidity act to combat those overpowering flavor profiles but in this case, lemons, limes and grapefruits were no match. No matter how hard I tried, all we could taste was that Old Man’s sneer!

I probably should have put this stuff in the “free” pile after the Garage sale was over, but my ego got the better of me. I will re-visit this battle one day and hopefully next time, I will have some better results to share. Until then, you can feel free to leave the Guavaberry Liqueur in the islands.


One comment

  1. Need mint and citrus IMO

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