In the Nec of Thyme

June 15, 2012

When I started the Juice Bar, the combination of herbs and fresh fruit was truly at the heart of the inspiration. Years ago, I worked on simple combinations of lemon with rosemary and strawberry with basil that were damn delicious. These combinations still hold up as perfectly refreshing summer cocktails, but as the Juice Bar repertoire expands, the complexity of flavors built on the same principles is growing in an exciting way.

After our visit to New York Distilling the other day, a gin based cocktail was all I could think of. The botanicals used in gin production make for great subtle flavor notes that can blend really nicely with fruit and herbs. I’ve always been a huge stone fruit fanatic so when I saw some ripe nectarines the rest fell into place pretty quickly. Thyme actually provides some lemony characteristics (which is why it’s great in pastries believe it or not) and by blending the leaves right into the juice, this cocktail is nothing but refreshing. Soon to be another summer favorite!

In the Nec of Thyme:

2 oz gin

4 oz nectarine and thyme juice

3 drops orange bitters

large splash of seltzer

Mix the first three ingredients in a cocktail shaker vigorously. Pour over a tall glass with ice and finish with the splash of seltzer. Stir one final time and serve with a slice of nectarine.

Nectarine and Thyme Juice:

3 nectarines, cored

3 tbsp honey

1/3 cup water

1 tbsp thyme leaves

Blend all of the ingredients in a food processor until completely smooth. You could strain the juice however, I prefer it as is. Keep in the refrigerator until ready to drink.

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  1. […] few weeks with thyme infused cocktails because well, they are f’n great. As I mentioned in the Nec of Thyme posting, the herbaciousness and citrusy flavor profile of thyme makes it ideal for summer fruit and […]

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