National Martini Day

June 19, 2012

It’s National Martini Day everyone! Who’s celebrating?!

In all honestly, I’ve never been much of a martini drinker. I think a lot of it has to do with the glass itself. I’ve never loved drinking anything out of a martini glass and have this inherent predisposed annoyance of any drink they hold. But that’s sort of a ridiculous stance to have so maybe this awesome post over at Boy Drinks World is just the kick in the ass I need. Though I think I need to check in with him and see if it’s okay to drink mine out of a whiskey glass.

Some of the points he makes regarding the flavor of a gin based martini (the only real martini), are really worth taking note of. I’ve always been told, I don’t like vermouth. Notice, that doesn’t mean I’ve really created my own opinion. But considering vermouth is a wine based cocktail contributor, it makes total sense that the stuff would go bad. How many martini’s have I had with old and crappy vermouth? Well not tonight my friends. Away in Toledo, OH I’m gonna find the perfect martini…

Wait, that sounds like a terrible idea. I think I’ll wait til I get home to celebrate.




  1. I will let you in on a little secret. There is no such thing as a Martini glass. The glass you are thinking of is a cocktail glass. Try using a coupe glass instead for a different feel and a vintage look. Thank you for the link and I hope you learn to love vermouth as I have.

  2. I do love coupe glasses for cocktails. I can usually pick up one or two when I stop in to a thrift store, which is fortunate, since I seem to break them just as fast as I buy them. 😉

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