Hey Hey! It’s the Air Conditioner!

June 22, 2012

Let me be the 1 bazillionth person this week to tell you how hot it is. Just in case you didn’t know…

But I’m not going to pretend to be a genius and offer you up some heat wave inspired cocktail recipes that promise to refresh. Because in reality, shouldn’t all cocktails be refreshing? Plus, the heat has melted my brain. Which is why, instead, I’ve decided to offer up my list for top three air-conditioned places, you should be drinking in…

Disclaimer: I don’t think you are actually supposed to drink at any of these places, you know, legally, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

(1) Movie Theatre: You haven’t seen comedy until you’ve popped a bottle in the theatre. Since being inspired by a group drinking bubbly at “New Years Eve” (yes, I saw that god awful movie), we now won’t go to a movie without a bottle of wine in tow. Not sure why it took us so long to realize this, but in NYC, where you aren’t driving home, walking out of the ice-cold theatre buzzed, seriously minimizes the risk of buyers remorse. On a day like today, a chilled Rosé may even make “That’s My Boy” worth a trip to the Theatre.

(2) Aquarium: Okay, so this one I haven’t actually experienced but this seems even more appropriate than the movie. The aquarium is one of the most air-conditioned environments I’ve ever stepped foot in, and what’s better than looking at crazy sea life with a good buzz on. Seriously? Why hasn’t someone thought of making an adult only aquarium? I’d go every weekend!

(3) Public Library: Don’t forget that above disclaimer, but for the readers out there who enjoy sitting in the park or in their backyard with an ice-cold beer or cocktail being swept away by 50 Shades of Grey, the Public Library should be your heat wave destination of choice. Why not make a drinking section of the library? You could still enforce the “quiet” but you’d surely convince more folks to read! And isn’t education more important than silly rules?

What about you guys? Any other suggestions for highly air-conditioned places we should be drinking at?

Stay cool!


One comment

  1. You should only drink where alcoholic beverages are permitted.

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