Cow Thieves Saison

June 24, 2012

The Cow Thieves Brewery was back in action this weekend as we finally got going on our summer ales. Our Saison Farmhouse style ales should be ready in a few weeks and I can’t wait to give them a shot. Nobler Dan turned me on to Saisons at the Nobler Beer Gathering and it’s been on the top of the brewing cue ever since. Saisons originated in Belgium farmhouses and had a high degree of variability from brew to brew. Traditionally, until modern-day beer lovers got back on the Saison bandwagon, these beers were pretty low in alcohol content. This was intentional as safe drinking water wasn’t always readily available, and the field workers needed refreshment in the summer months. Brewed in the fall and winter and bottle conditioned, the Saisons were light and yeasty with just enough alcohol to keep them “safe” without being a deterrent for hard work.

Nowadays, the Saison has been revitalized and is becoming more and more popular. Because this is a yeast forward beer, we decided to use the same batch recipe for two, 5 gallon brews with a variation on the yeast variety. These little guys (all 100 billion of them), are already at work fermenting and it’s only a matter of a few weeks before we get our first taste. I had to stop for a second when we picked up these liquid yeast packets: 100 billion yeast makes about 50 beers. Considering it only takes a few of us to drink them all, 2 billion yeast cells a beer puts the scale of the process in perspective. I promise to drink our Saison nice and slowly in honor of all the hard work!


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