My Double Rainbow

July 3, 2012

For years I’ve been re-iterating the phrase “cooking is my glass of wine at the end of a long day”. It’s been 7 years since my love for cooking really began and preparing food for myself and the ones I love has given me more joy than almost anything else I could imagine. Those that don’t enjoy the kitchen always wondered how I was so willing to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal to be enjoyed in less half the time it took to create. And my answer was always the same: I am never more relaxed than when I am cooking.

Well, I think I just discovered my “double rainbow”…

While I admittedly cook a bit less these days with a schedule packed to the brim, it’s only made me appreciate it more. Throw in a pre-meal cocktail and yes indeed, this is my happy place. Just like in creating a meal, balancing flavors, textures and color, the cocktail is a true representation of inspiration.

The one I love the most supports this creation process immensely. Partially because she reaps the benefits, but I’d like to think much more because she knows how much I enjoy it. So when I came home last night to a few of my favorite flavored lemonades from Santa Cruz Organics and a nice cut of skirt steak, the world seemed just fine to me. What could be better than grilled skirt steak with a corn, peach, and basil salsa paired with a bourbon, basil, and peach lemonade cocktail? That’s right my friends…the answer to that question is simple: nothing.


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