Happy Birthday America!

July 4, 2012

Today we celebrate the birth of a Nation…

In the relatively short life of the United States of America, there has been quite a bit of polarizing history. But at the core of it all, we as Americans relish in our Freedom. 236 years ago when Independence was claimed I’m not so sure this is what they hand in mind, but nothing seems more perfect to celebrate America then with some bacon infused bourbon! The very definition of Freedom!

Enjoy the 4th! No matter what you decide to drink!

Bacon Infused Bourbon

3 cups Bourbon

1 lb bacon

4 cup mason jar

Cook all of the bacon in a cast iron pan for breakfast and keep all of the rendered fat in the pan. Let the fat cool down slightly. Pour the bourbon into the mason jar and then pour the bacon fat in through a coffee filter to capture the bacon bits. Cover and store at room temperature for a few days tasting as it goes to find the right balance for your liking. Once optimal, place the mason jar in the freezer overnight. The next day, remove the solidified rendered fat and store the bourbon in the refrigerator. Perfect with one ice-cube and a slice of bacon!


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