Another Worthy Addition to the Cabinet

July 12, 2012

I’ve watched this video close to 10 times this morning. It’s so peaceful!

I’ve made a point recently, to try as many new bourbons as possible. So naturally, when I’m out at a bar and find a thorough list, I do my best to go for something unique, as opposed to something I already know well and have enjoyed. But I realized, this isn’t exactly the best way to get to know a bourbon (or really any whiskey for that matter). Sure, even an average bartender can put together a decent cocktail or a stiff pour, but there is something irreplaceable about grabbing your own bourbon out of the liquor cabinet and fixing yourself a glass straight from the bottle.

It encapsulates everything about that brand of bourbon that goes into your approval or disapproval. The look of the bottle as it sits on the shelf, the color of the bourbon in your own lighting, as opposed to the darkness of most bars, and most importantly, the control over how you drink it. Even in the video above, what was cool about the way their Old Fashioned was made, was in the freedom to add and pour by preference. The use of one singular sugar cube helps keep the sweetness in check, but maybe you like more bitters, maybe you like it heavy on the bourbon; when you make your own, you’ve got full control.

Which is why I am glad I picked up a bottle of this Jefferson Bourbon the other day. I’m a sucker for a good bottle design, and this one rates high on my list. Simple, smooth, and unique to stand out amongst the other bottles, the Jefferson is a nice addition for sure. But I was also really pleased with the taste. Jefferson is a small batch Kentucky whiskey and at just above 80 proof, it’s really smooth. I saw a lot of reviews describe Jefferson as a “beginners” whiskey because it provides all of the flavor components you would expect from a Kentucky aged bourbon and not much more: caramel, vanilla, and oak make their presence known. But I think classifying this as a bourbon for beginners is kind of silly.

A true bourbon drinker, knows that preferences depend on occasion. While complex and curious bourbons can be mind-blowing, sometimes the simple and reliably delicious are just what the doctor ordered.



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