A Blended Scotch, A Welcome Surprise

July 23, 2012

Sometimes it takes a trip across the world to find what you’ve missing…

Okay, so in this case, it was a trip to the Chicago suburbs, and what I was missing was a bottle of Scotch. But sometimes I worry if I don’t play up the dramatics, you guys will stop reading. That being said, I really was pretty pumped when I saw the bottle of Monkey Shoulder at this hotel bar. Because since a few of the Noblers and I made our way through my Christmas present bottle, I haven’t seen the stuff anywhere. And it’s really a damn good blended scotch, in a great looking bottle, with a pretty stellar name.

The name monkey shoulder comes from the term describing the common injury the malt men of years past would frequently suffer from as they went through the arduous process of turning the barley constantly during the malting process. As with other popular blended scotches, the monkey shoulder team selects their final make-up from a finite number of casks guaranteeing they have complete control to develop the character they desire. 27 casks in all from 3 Speyside malt’s make their way into this bottle and after maturing in bourbon casks, the final product is a balanced cross between Scotland tradition and new world whiskey flavor. It really is the perfect scotch for a bourbon drinker!

After a little research it sounds like Monkey Shoulder made its first US appearance earlier this year in the Chicago area (makes sense now). I’m glad it made it’s here but now let’s hope we start to see it back in NYC.


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