Converting Gin Haters, One at a Time

July 30, 2012

I’m always blown away by the number of people who hate gin. But then I think back, and remember that for the formative years of adolescence and college education, gin is more or less a commodity item. Whether it was well gin and tonics at T&L or big plastic bottles of Gilbey’s at house parties, I guess my first experiences were pretty consistent with the gin haters out there. Only one major difference: I’ve always sort of loved the stuff.

But I do commiserate with those who have had one too many bad experiences to convince them to get back in the game. However, with all the amazing gin distillers emerging along with the true classics on the market, Gin has quickly become one of my favorites for cocktail creation. The floral and herbal components pair so nicely with fresh fruit, and you know how much I enjoy me some fresh fruit (see: The Juice Bar).

So here’s a trick for all your gin lovers out there looking to recruit a few more to our side. Next time you are at the farmers market or in the grocery store, pick up a few summer ripe peaches. Half and core those suckers and get them soaking in your favorite gin. Over the course of even hours, you’ll begin to taste the delicious infusion. The fruit’s flavor and sweetness begins to mellow the gin and even after a short period of time, the peach infused gin is perfect for making seriously refreshing cocktails. We paired ours with a little lemon and seltzer! But if you are even a little more patient, after a few more days (depending on how sweet the peaches are), this flavor packed gin will be perfect on its own, chilled over ice with only a slice of lemon.

Drink up and spread the gin gospel!

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