Clams and Plums

August 13, 2012

If you ever hear someone utter the words “there is no such thing as a sure thing”, I give you permission to kindly tell that person he or she is a moron. Because without fail, our annual weekend trip to Southampton ends up being the most ridiculous, most enjoyable, and most satisfying weekend of my year. And that my friends, is a sure thing.

But without going into much unnecessary detail about BMXing off of the dock (after all this isn’t an adventure sport blog) or the fresh caught seafood gumbo whipped up by the Queen of Creole herself (you can read her blog over here), there is one item you should take away from our weekend immediately: run to your nearest farmers market/grocery store and get soaking…

Much like the peaches soaking in gin from a few weekends ago, I knew that we needed something crisp and refreshing to enjoy with our bounty of clams. And while the Cow Thieves Saisons were flowing plenty, it’s nice to have something a bit more simple to break up all the beer drinking. These plums were some of the freshest I’ve seen this summer and when it comes to liquor infusions, fresh and ripe is the key. Unlike the peaches that took a good week or so to really soak in the flavor, this vodka seemed to latch on to not only the plum flavor, but the color as well. After only a few hours we were sipping on this straight, with a little ice, a wedge of lemon and a heck of a lot of laughs!

The beauty of this basic technique is how many varieties you can make. I used 3 plums for about a quart of vodka but honestly, there’s no real recipe here. Change up the fruit, add some herbs, switch up your liquors and you can already start to see the number of possibilities. As a basic guideline however, don’t go too cheap or too fancy on the booze. A pretty standard liquor will do the trick!


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