High Flying Wine

August 21, 2012

“Using your muscles and then drinking is the best” – Anonymous

Okay, so this was actually said by Emily last night, but doesn’t it seem that quotations are given much more respect with the anonymous tag? Either way, I couldn’t agree more. And it got me thinking about how for a nation struggling with obesity, this in theory could be the next great exercise marketing campaign. No?

Fine, fine. Maybe it’s not the greatest thing to start mass advertising, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. All through college I raced road bikes. To be clear, I participated in road races and criteriums, but to say I raced and made an impact would be a little bit of an exaggeration. Okay, I sucked. But I really did enjoy it, mainly because of the long-ass road rides the team did for training. 40-100 miles on a Saturday morning through the near empty upstate roads, chatting it up, escaping the madness, and accomplishing more than most would in the weekend, before most of those same folks even woke up. The  rides were strenuous, warranting mass consumption of food and more often than not, a good nap taking over the rest of the mid-afternoon. But nothing beat that first cold beer on those days. A sense you earned that buzz, and the sense that your effort was truly being rewarded.

Let’s leap to last night, where this soon to be famous quote was conceived. We weren’t on bikes this time around, but rather swinging through the air in our very first trapeze class. You’ll notice how I started with the road racing story so that my participating in trapeze wasn’t enough for you to laugh your way to another blog. But you’ll be happy to hear, for the first time in my life, the descriptors “tall” and “graceful” were thrown my way, either suggesting that I am a trapeze genius or that really anyone can succeed in this first level of schooled acrobatics. I’m going to go with the first one for a second because I’ve already disparaged myself enough (see above: “I sucked”).

The more important thing here of course, is that after a few hours of reaching, jumping, twisting, and falling we actually put in quite a bit of effort. Enough effort to give our post trapeze glasses of wine a head start. And the results, were as usual, just what the doctored ordered.




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