Cow Thieves Giveaway

August 24, 2012

One of the biggest challenges of making small batch home brew is that when it’s good, you really hate to give the stuff away. So instead, I’ve talked up the Cow Thieves brand, had you buy t-shirts, and made you all loyal supporters, in hopes that you might not realize you’ve never tasted the stuff. Now, I know that isn’t completely true for all of you as I’ve carefully chosen times to bring out a bottle or two. You know, just before you were getting ready to leave, or just after we already opened a bottle of wine. It’s sad, sneaky, and true. I love our beers so much, I haven’t been very good at sharing. But that all changes now!

Because in exchange for a little Nobler support (tweet, FB re-post, comment, t-shirt, request, blank check), you can be eligible for the best Nobler giveaway yet: A 4 pack (all special beer should come in 4 packs) of our Summer Saisons perfect to celebrate the remaining days of August! Your opportunity lasts until Sunday night and I’ll announce the winner Monday morning. Have a great weekend!



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