Rum Punch Drunk

September 4, 2012

Over brunch a few weeks ago, I proclaimed that after a few cups of coffee, I was pretty sure I could do anything. Kill a bear. Solve a rubix cube. You name it, I’ve got you covered. So you can only imagine my excitement when I re-confirmed this weekend, that it isn’t just a few cups of the caffeine that makes me invincible. It turns out a few rum punches on an isolated beach in the Caribbean does the job just as well…

Look, you don’t come to this blog to hear me complain but I got to be honest: I’ve never needed a vacation more than I did this past weekend. So when we took off for St. John I had two goals in mind. (1) Relax at all costs. (2) Rekindle my love for some fruity rum punches; a love affair that started a few years back on the island of Culebra.

The rum punch is a tricky thing. There are very few places on this wonderful earth that a rum punch is acceptable. In the bar, it’s too sweet. In your home, you’re a child. But on the beach, there may not be a more perfect cocktail. With $8 bottles of Cruzan aged rum by our sides and a little mango, pineapple, and peach juices mixed and ready to go, each and every beach day was a little more perfect than the last. And the key here, is just like a good vacation, you need to be flexible. There isn’t one perfect recipe. The fresher the juice the better, and some limes are a must to help balance the sweetness, but honestly I’ve even used some Hawaiian Punch in the past with great success. Because at the end of the day, there is nothing like floating in the sun drenched ocean rocking a buzz…


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