#StillSummer, Drink a Beerarita

September 7, 2012

Look, I get it. Schools are starting up again. Labor day is over. But come on! Why all the “boohoo, summer is over” stuff. We still have a few weekends of great weather (I hope) coming up and there’s no reason to get all bummed out yet. Like my buddies over at Immaculate Infatuation who just ran their #stillsummer instagram competition, I plan on taking advantage. I wouldn’t mind another St. John beach beer but I think I’ll be able to find some alternative solution to get my buzz on. Maybe a margarita will do the trick…

Now, there’s nothing better than a freshly made lime juice based margarita but all too often you find yourself out at a bar, or at a party where the dreaded bottled mixes are being served. We’ve all drank a few of these in the past and have all had the same immediate frustration. The mix almost always tastes artificial and most certainly supplies you with a wonderful headache. And a headache is not the best tool for enjoying your last days of summer. But here’s a tip mastered by my partner in crime, Emily, who discovered the secret to remedy this all too common scenario. You know that PBR or Tecate you’ve got in the cooler? Take the plunge and give yourself a few splashes in your overly sweet margarita, and this “beerarita” will blow your mind. The bitterness from the beer counterbalances the sweetness and works perfectly with the lime punchiness.

No more “end of summer blues”! Go drink a beerarita!


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