Nikki Katsikas at the Louis B James Gallery

September 10, 2012

Kurosawa and his Cast, 2012; oil on canvas; 8 x 10

I typically prefer to get my cultural exposure in liquid form: some Arak in Israel, a cup of Glühwein in Germany, or an Imperial in Costa Rica. But every once in a while I find myself immersed in the art world, and thank god I normally have Nikki Katsikas to guide me through it. Last night marked the opening of her new solo show at the Louis B. James gallery on the LES where she is showcasing some of her newest and to me, some of her most exciting pieces. Considering I prompted this discussion with a little art self-belittling, I won’t bore you with my attempts at describing Nikki’s style, inspiration, and what not. Instead, I’ll suggest you plan on making a trip down to Rivington and Orchard to check it out for yourself! If you are lazy or otherwise unable to see it in person, take a look at Nik’s website here.

Congrats Nik!


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