Cow Thieves Witbier Eliminates Anxiety

September 24, 2012

“The coriander may potentiate the anxiolytic effects of the alcohol..”

Orange Peel, Coriander, and Lemongrass

So the Cow Thieves Brewery was up and running again this weekend pumping out two batches of Witbier. Turns out we are getting quite efficient in brewing as we’ve got multiple pots on multiple burners and only once did one of us almost die: a little mishap where our sterilization solution was mistaken for water…

This time around, we decided to use subtle flavor additions as our variable change. In the first batch we used a somewhat straightforward mix of orange and coriander and for the second, a little pungent lemongrass. I’m really curious to see how the lemongrass shines through because the acidity I associate with the stuff for cooking, is one of my favorite flavor profiles. The coriander and orange peel blend is a riff off of some more common wheat beers like a Blue Moon and considering (according to their wikipedia page) the coriander adds some extra anti-anxiety punch to the alcohol (see awesome quote above), I’m anticipating a few fantastic evenings, sipping on our brew, without a care in the world.

Who knows, maybe this is the beer that finally gets me to sit still!




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  1. […] processes running 1200/min but we’re taking baby steps. After all, I was the guy who accidentally drank bleach during our batching […]

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