Canon Logic and the Nobler Experiment

October 1, 2012

Besides being an avid liquor enthusiast, I’ve picked up another hobby as of late, and have become quite the overnight sensation. In fact, my drumming abilities are now widely touted as awe-inspiring… 

Okay, okay. This may be more “shock and horror” that I managed to bruise my thighs so badly that I struggled to get out of bed because I refused to use the drum pad Emily bought for me, but that sounds like semantics…

So luckily for me (since I clearly can’t be trusted with drum sticks) some of my good friends and fellow Noblers actually know how to play instruments and damn well to be honest. The Canon Logic is headlining the Mercury Lounge this Thursday night and I’m bringing the Nobler Experiment along for the ride. Now you’ve got two reasons to attend because nothing goes better with good music than good whiskey. Check back Thursday morning for more details on what to expect from the Nobler but in the mean time, go buy yourself a ticket here. I think the guys will be donating 20% of the profits to finding me a safer hobby…


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