What Recession?

October 9, 2012

Okay, so obviously this is a made up graph. One that I put together in about five or six seconds. But you get the point. In a time where you can’t go a half hour without hearing something about the struggling economy, Mitt Romney’s lies, and Obama’s debate flub, I’m here to tell you that we have one industry doing quite well through it all. The beer, wine, and spirit industry has seen some pretty fantastic growth over the last few years including ten percent growth in manufacturing in a 12 month period and similar results in overall sales. And almost by default, the answer to this curious dichotomy with the rest of our economic standing, is that when people are happy, they drink, and when they are stressed and depressed, they drink just the same, maybe even more.

Well, I’m not willing to say this has nothing to do with the recent growth, but the story is a bit more interesting than that and in fact it’s a lot more encouraging. Over the next few days I’m gonna post about some of the more recent and fundamental changes that are making the US alcohol industry the place to be! New legislation, new innovation, and a whole lot of passion is making for more competition, more choice and a heck of a lot of good drinking!

Stay tuned, as this is going to be way more interesting than all that political BS…and probably a whole lot more factual..


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