Cigars and Whiskey

October 25, 2012

After what seemed like way to long of a hiatus, we came together last night for the 11th Nobler Gathering. For the previous ten installments, we’ve shared the experiences and insight that makes the world of liquor so fascinating to us all. We’ve covered bourbon, scotch, aquavit, the NYC distillery scene, and a whole lot more. But it occurred to me recently that we had missed out on an activity so connected to the enjoyment of aged liquors, so connected to the history of groups like ours, that it was about time we lit up some stogies.

Let me take a quick second to say how fantastic Velvet Cigar Lounge is. I am by no means an expert on the matter, but by reserving the bar area in advance, we were treated to a cigar of our choice, a little knowledge from our host Maegan, and our favorite feature, a BYO policy that jives pretty nicely with the Nobler. It’s a great spot; comfortable and intimate and I’m pretty sure the group will be back soon!

But back to the heart of the matter: For most of us, cigar smoking is not in our wheelhouse. Admittedly, I’ve have had no more than 15 cigars in my lifetime but never like last night; the way it now seems so obvious, a cigar is truly intended to be appreciated. As we sat around the bar and chatted, we puffed away slowly, trading drags for sips of our J&B scotch, a choice we made with a bit of nostalgia.

As we stood in the liquor store, looking to grab a bottle of something special, we saw the J&B and commented on how we had all seen it in the liquor cabinets of our fathers and grandfathers alike. It seemed like the perfect choice. As a simple blended scotch, it was a nice baseline for the cigar to work off of and the swirling smoke added to the whiskey aroma making a damn good pairing. Another successful gathering!





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  1. […] last night as we took on Pool and Ping Pong at the Fat Cat in NYC. After making it through the smoke clouds of a cigar lounge, and managing 18 holes of golf, last night was just another perfect reminder, that you don’t […]

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