Sandy, You Bitch!

November 1, 2012

As you might have suspected from my short absence, Hurricane Sandy has left us a bit out of touch, without power and clambering like many for wifi and cell phone service. But this amounts to a measly inconvenience compared to the devastation that has ripped through the Northeast. It’s hard to even comprehend.

For those who made it out okay, I saw a great post yesterday urging the NYC community to support their local restaurants and bars now more than ever. This holds true for all of your local communities and businesses but in NYC, where we take the variety and convenience for granted, I thought this advice was particularly important. Whether it’s helping out in clean up or supporting the restaurants that have found a way to remain open, local businesses need your help more than ever. It’s the least we can do for the folks that keep us well fed and buzzed on a daily basis.

And speaking of well fed and buzzed, this little bit of adversity has proved once again how wonderful friends can be. We’ve been taken in by a number of friends over the last few days offering amazing meals, power and warmth, and of course some wonderful drinks. It’s further proof that when all else fails, all I need is a little bourbon and the company of some damn good people.

In other news, it is looking more and more like we will have to postpone our very first Night Cap event. For those who bought tickets, we will be following up this afternoon with more details so hold tight. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure the re-scheduled event is worth the wait!


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