November 6, 2012

The guys over at Immaculate Infatuation eat out more than most of us could ever imagine. And for good reasons! If you haven’t checked out their site or their app, you are seriously missing out. But starting yesterday, they are eating out for much more than restaurant reviews and delicious food. The guys have launched yet another instagram contest, “#EatDowntown” encouraging us all to get out and support the local bars and restaurants that lost so much in the wake of Sandy. They themselves offered the first 8 entries a spot at their #EatDowntown meet-up at Prima on Thursday night but it doesn’t stop there. Encouraging everyone to organize their own meet-ups, that they themselves hope to stop by for if possible, is a brilliant and simple way to increase the influence.

So, I’m taking their advice, and planning a Nobler Gathering meet-up for next Wednesday. More details are pending but I’m thinking a little tour de support for some of our favorites…

Check back later for some more details and make sure you check out Immaculate Infatuation as you are planning your own meet-ups!

*Note: The photo was taken from the Immaculate page originally taken by photographer Randy Scott Slavin. You should check out his NYC unplugged album here!


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